2 floor displays of 5 latex and 1

table display of 5 latex

Hawiian Table Display of

5 latex balloons

Single Helium Archway to decorate the bar area

Simple Single Helium Cake Table Archway

Table Display of 5 latex balloons


Wedding Pearls behind top table

( low ceiling )


Decoration using Table Displays of 3 latex

Balloon Cloud at end of Top-table 


Wedding Pearls featuring

Bubble balloons 


Wedding Pearls over Buffet Table

( low ceiling )

Swirl Archway positioned

at the bottom of stairway

 Floor Displays of 5 latex ballons

to frame a doorway

Latex Columns  


Foil Single HeartArchway over buffet


Double Door Swirl Archway



Single Helium Latex Archway


6ft Champagne bottle bubble archway


3 x latex table display


Swirl Archway

Large Swirl Archway

Floor display of 10 balloons with bubble

Foil Archway with low ceiling


Wedding Pearls

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