Shown below are a few very basic photos of ideas for balloon decoration.


 Room decoration with

single helium archway


Single Helium archway

over a table


Columns with arch


Large Exploding Balloon


Swirl Archway round doorway


Jumbo Foil floor display


Table Display of

3 latex balloons


Room display using

table displays of 5 latex


Table displays of

2 latex balloons


Exploding balloon, bubble display & Heart


Two Floor Standing Balloon Clouds to mark entrance



Room decoration featuring Wedding Pearls and

table displays of 3 larex

Room decoration featuring foil displays


13 x latex Floor Display


Foil Archway around a doorway

Room Decoration using Wedding Pearls and

Table Displays of 3 latex ( all with' bubble balloons')


Single Helium Archways

as a tunnel


Single Helium Archway around doorway


Single Helium Archway over Top-table

( low ceiling )


Swirl Archway between two pillars

with column at front


Swirl Archway around double doorway


Single Helium Archway

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